Breast Reconstruction – Inland Empire

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Watch and learn about a patients personal journey through breast cancer and reconstruction through plastic surgery.

Breast Reconstruction

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery

The psychological and physical results that can occur in a woman who undergoes a mastectomy, due to breast cancer, can be devastating. Up until a few years ago there were very few options available to women in the recovery and reconstruction process for their breast following a masectomy.

In the Inland Empire, Dr. Edward Park, has undergone extensive training in breast reconstruction procedures. Dr. Park is skilled in using both the latissimus dorsi techniques and the tram flap procedure in reconstructing the breast.

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Watch the incredible stories of real patients and how Dr. Park helped them regain their dignity and lives back.

Dr. Park considers it an honor to surgically recreate a breast that has been removed due to cancer. Dr. Park performs implant reconstruction using saline implants or gel implants in conjunction with tram flap reconstruction in which tissue is transported from the back or abdomen and tunneled to the breast or surgically transplanted to form a new breast mound.

Dr. Park has received a lot of praise for his dedication to this procedure and his concern for women recovering from breast cancer.

The video in the post is a personal testament from some of the patients who have had breast reconstruction done by Dr. Park.

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