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Forehead/Brow Lift

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Brow Lift

With aging, there is usually loss of elasticity in the skin, decreased muscle tone, and fatty tissue immediately beneath the facial skin.

In patients with good brow position, removal of the excess upper eyelid skin will provide the ideal result. However, when patients have low eyebrows, the best results will be achieved by elevating the brow position with or without eyelid surgery. Forehead lifts also improve frown lines and horizontal creases of the forehead.

Incisions to lift the brows can be made at the upper border of the eyebrow, in the forehead creases, in the hairline, or above it. The preferred approach may be discussed with the surgeon.

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“I look better now than at anytime in my life!”

I honestly look better than at any time in my life. Of my wedding pictures, my sister (also a patient of yours) told me that I had finally taken a good picture. Five years have passed, but my sister and I have not forgotten you and will keep you in mind for future surgery. – S.B.