Breast Revision Surgery on the Rise

Breast Revision Surgery Continues to be Popular Among Augmented Patients

Breast Revision Surgery Continues to be Popular Among Augmented Patients

Breast downsizing or breast revisions are becoming more and more popular. Many stars have been leading this charge as they are exchanging their large breast implants for more natural looking implants. [Read more…]

The Science Behind Boobology

Males more likely to be attracted to women with larger breasts.

Anthropologist and human sexual researchers have been studying for years the male attractiveness to female breasts. Apart from the biological reasons for larger breast, many factors have been identified in cultures that give some reasons why women’s breast are considered sexual and a lure for potential mates. [Read more…]

Your Breast Implant Options – How Big Do You Want to Be?

Breast Implant Profile Choices

Many women considering breast augmentation have a difficult time determining what size they want to be. However, volume implant size is only half the equation of how the implant will look in a woman following surgery. The other half is related to the breast implant profile. [Read more…]

Breast Revision – Solutions for Capsular Contracture

New research is helping to reduce the chances of capsular contracture

Capsular contracture is a condition where the body’s immune system reacts to a foreign object or material within the human body. This is most often associated with breast implants, however, joint implants have also been affected by this condition as well. [Read more…]

New Procedure Helps Reduce Breast Augmentation Risks with No-Touch System

New technique promises to revolutionize the breast augmentation

Since the reintroduction of silicone breast implants back in 2006, many women have decided to have revision surgery performed to replace their saline implants with the new natural looking and feeling silicone gel implants. One of the principal discussions that a plastic surgeon has with his patient is that a larger incision is required to place the implant into the breast pocket, since the silicone implant is pre-sealed from the manufacture and the volume can not be altered prior or after insertion. There has always been a little trade off of the breast incision size, for the natural look and feel of silicon implants, versus the smaller incision size of saline breast implants. [Read more…]