Breast Cancer Awareness – Keynote Topic – Evolution and Balance

Victor Valley Women's Council of Realtors - Learning about Breast Cancer Awareness

Dr. Edward H. Park had the opportunity to speak to the Victor Valley Women’s Council of Realtors about “Evolution and Balance for Breast Cancer Awareness.” [Read more…]

Beast Cancer Survivors Have New Options With Breast Reconstruction

No Breast Prosthesis!

Approximately 250 thousand American women each year are diagnosed with breast cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. With this number represents a majority of women that will require having a bilateral mastectomy [Read more…]

CNN – Reports – Save the Boobs Ad Too Sexy for the Public

CNN – Reports – on a new controversial Public Service TV Announcement for breast cancer awareness as being too sexy for most viewers. The ad shows a beautiful woman wearing a bikini strolling around a public pool with people starring at her bosom with the caption “You Know – You Like Them – Now It’s Time – To Save the Boobs – Breast Cancer, is the leading cause of cancer death in young women ages 20 – 49. In support of rethink breast cancer.”

Reaction has been mixed, however, the target audience to this ad was addressed to men specifically. Often times, when women discover an abnormality in their breast, they are afraid to get it checked by a medical doctor. However, they are likely to confer with their husband or boyfriend and ask whether they should do so. The hope is that informed men will help women to make the right decision and get themselves checked even if they notice anything slightly out of the ordinary. Early detection is the key.

Learn more in this video from CNN

Learn more about breast cancer prevention from the Breast Cancer Prevention Fund.

Reconstructive Surgery for Breast and Skin Cancer


Dr. Park & Dr. Sorosky

Facing cancer can be a challenging and frightening experience. However, the journey towards restoring one’s body to wholeness can be very rewarding. The good news is that there are options immediately available to reconstruct areas of the body that have undergone cancer resection.

As a specialist in breast cancer reconstruction, Edward H. Park, M.D. is able to offer patients choices in restoring one’s breast. Working with a multidisciplinary team involving the oncologic surgeon, oncologist, and radiologist, Dr. Park is an integral part of the cancer team at San Antonio Community Hospital. It is important to know that more women are undergoing immediate breast reconstruction that can offer restoration of the breast without undergoing the physical and emotional absence after a mastectomy. “The nice thing is that patients have choices, and they can undergo curative surgery and/or medical treatment along with their breast reconstruction all at the same time,” states Dr. Park. As one patient aptly put it, “Remember that women have the right to choose.”

Additionally, the same options are available with skin cancer reconstruction. Robert H. Sorosky, M.D. is Dr. Park’s partner and has worked closely with dermatologists and Moh’s surgeons in the community. Dr. Sorosky claims, “It is important to have a strong team of surgeons that can work closely with each other to provide the best reconstructive options to our patients.”

Both Dr. Park and Dr. Sorosky feel that reconstructive surgery is valuable to make the patient feel whole again, both physically and emotionally. Furthermore, it is just as important to attain a fine cosmetic result to restore one’s self-image. Reconstructive surgery is a bridge towards a new chapter in which patients can feel renewed with their transformation into a survivor. The surgical team concludes, “Our goal is to restore form and function with an outstanding cosmetic result in order to give patients a real sense of confidence.”

Breast Reconstruction in the Inland Empire



The psychological and physical results that can occur in a woman who undergoes a mastectomy, due to breast cancer, can be devastating. Up until a few years ago there were very few options available to women in the recovery and reconstruction process for their breast following a masectomy.

In the Inland Empire, Dr. Edward Park, has undergone extensive training in breast reconstruction procedures. Dr. Park is skilled in using both the latissimus dorsi techniques and the tram flap procedure in reconstructing the breast.


tram flap breast reconstruction image 

Dr. Park considers it an honor to surgically recreate a breast that has been removed due to cancer. Dr. Park performs implant reconstruction using saline implants or gel implants in conjunction with tram flap reconstruction in which tissue is transported from the back or abdomen and tunneled to the breast or surgically transplanted to form a new breast mound.

Dr. Park has received a lot of praise for his dedication to this procedure and his concern for women recovering from breast cancer.

The video in the post is a personal testament from some of the patients who have had breast reconstruction done by Dr. Park.