Male Cosmetic Surgery On The Rise

perfect male body

The Quest for the Perfect Male Body

More and more men these days are seeking out cosmetic plastic surgery to meet their expectations of a “hot body.” These growing number of men who are taking grooming and body image to a new level within the male culture. This includes getting frequent Botox injections, liposuction, calf implants and body hair removal, commonly known as man-scaping.

A well known psychologist, Julie Malone has worked extensively with men and women over the years that have had body image issues. She has seen an increased number of male clients. “There’s an overarching problem here about men trying to achieve an unrealistic body and an unrealistic ideal of masculinity,” she says. “It’s a condition for all ages starting at as early as age 7 through the teen years.” Society has educated us that the ideal man is super built and masculine.

Other experts disagree, and state that men sometimes seek to retain looking youthful as long as possible before the affects of aging takes place.

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