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Watch and learn about a patients personal journey and outcome with a facelift.

Natural Uplift Results

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Natural Facelift Results

The aging process is particularly cruel in our twenty-first century American society. Youthful appearance is in vogue and many patients want to look younger. Multiple procedures can provide amazing improvements.

Aging patients often ask “When should I have surgery?” Many patients start treatment in their mid to late thirties because they have had more severe physical changes related to aging than their peers. Others may choose to wait until the changes are more established.

Others ask “How long do the results of aging surgery last?” These surgeries will set back the time clock of the aging process, but they will not stop it. Regardless of age at the time of surgery, the patient will look better longer than would be possible if surgery were not performed.

Natural Uplift Video Animation

See the incredible results of how a Natural Uplift can take years off someone’s appearance.

Surgeries and procedures for aging include Eyelids, Eyebrow and Forehead Lift, Face and Neck Lift, Collagen and BOTOX Injections, Chemical Peel, and Laser Resurfacing.

Patients seeking to look younger without the stigma of a complete facelift have shown a great interest in this new unique procedure. Slight variations of his technique over the past several years allows for a shorter recovery, less visible scars, and an overall more natural appearance. Dr. Park have added a new upward dimensional vertical lift utilizing modern suture materials. This innovative technique coined THE NATURAL UPLIFT results in a more youthful face and cheeks with significant improvement in sagging neck tissues. Their unique method results in less swelling and much quicker recovery time. Dr. Park feels this procedure is superior to other advertised techniques, as it is less invasive and has long-lasting results.

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So delighted and amazed!

This is a heartfelt testimony of my experience. I am a happy, energetic, and positive minded person. But on my face, I wore every illness, hardship and disappointment in life. Once having had a lovely face, I couldn’t look at a photo or mirror without feeling sad. I chose to put my face in Dr. Parks hands and am so delighted and amazed with the outcome. The great joy for me is looking in the mirror and seeing the person I feel to be, looking back at me. I am so happy I did this. Thank you so much. – S.M.