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Post Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

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Post-Bariatric Results

Post-Bariatric cosmetic surgery is a culmination of many procedures to remove excessive skin as a result of massive weight loss from weight loss surgery. These weight loss surgical procedures could include gastric banding, vertical sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery.

These procedures are usually reserved for morbidly obese patients who are unable to lose weight on their own. However, once the weight comes off – usually in around a year, the body is left with an excessive amount of hanging skin as a result of the massive weight loss.

There are many surgical procedures that are available to remove excessive skin from off the body and help a person regain a more normal appearance. These cosmetic surgical procedures can include: body lifts, face lifts, neck lifts, arm lifts, buttock lift, abdominopoplasty and thigh lift.

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