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Personal Patient Success Stories

Dee’s personal story of transformation.

Listen to Dee’s personal story of cosmetic surgery transformation over the past 24 years in this video.

Rhinoplasty, 1986

I was referred to Dr. Sorosky in 1986. Since I was a teenager, I always disliked the appearance of my nose. I was working for a woman’s medical clinic and asked several of the doctors and nurses where to go for a consult regarding my nose. Dr. Sorosky was the unanimous choice. I’ll never forget the original visit to his office. He and his staff were caring and reassured me that they could improve my nose. I was not disappointed and have had compliments on my pretty nose ever since!

Chin Surgery, 1994

When I became a cosmetologist, I began seeing more and more of Dr. Bob’s great results. Several of the other cosmetologists and I referred clients to Dr. Sorosky for cosmetic surgery. They were always happy with his beautiful work. In 1994, I first noticed my neck was sagging and enquired about a neck lift. The doctor said I wasn’t ready but would be willing to do a chin implant which would lessen the sagging neck and give me a stronger profile. Once again, the surgery went smoothly and the results were great.

Eyelid Surgery, 1995

In 1995, with a great deal of persuasion on my part, Dr. Sorosky did a procedure on my upper eyes which were beginning to droop and was causing difficulty with eye makeup. The results were subtle as Dr. Sorosky predicted and was what I desired.

Face Lift Surgery, 2000

After complaining of my jowls and gradual facial aging to Dr. Sorosky for over 5 years, he was finally willing to do a face and neck lift on me. No one believes I look my age, which is 50+. I look as good as I feel and owe Dr. Sorosky for his consistently fine work.

Neck Lift Surgery, 2000

Not only has Dr. Sorosky made me look so much better over the past 15 years, he has literally performed cosmetic procedures on over 50 clients from my beauty shop. I honestly cannot remember one patient who has not been satisfied. His office staff is great, compassionate, honest and skilled. Dr. Sorosky will not do any procedure unless he feels it is indicated.

Age 39 – 1986

Age 53 – 2000

Age 60 – 2007

1986 Age 39 2000 Age 53 2007 Age 60

Dee would be happy to answer any questions regarding her or her clients’ experiences. You can contact Dee at her salon, 9th Street Hair Station, in Upland, (909) 982-1677.

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