What To Do If You Have PIP Breast Implants

What to do when you have PIP breast implants

You remember when you took that trip overseas, and while you were there decided to get breast augmentation surgery because you thought you could save a few dollars? Well if you haven’t been listening it’s important you do so now. The French breast implant manufacture, PIP or Poly Implant Prothese, has been cited for using non-medical grade silicone in their breast implants. The French government concluded that these implants have been prone to rupture and disintegration in as little as five years.

Many women have complained of ruptured PIP implants, followed by complications, discomfort and pain. This prompted the French government to intervene. The inferior breast implants were taken off the market back in 2010 citing hundreds of complaints from women who received PIP breast implants. Unfortunately, PIP was well established in the aesthetics breast market and sold hundreds of thousands of their silicone breast implants world-wide prior to this.

If you have PIP implants then it’s imperative you seek out a breast revision specialists to have them removed as soon as possible. The French government has considered this such a priority that they are willing to pay for the removal of PIP implants from their citizens. If you live outside France then unfortunately, you have to go at it alone.

It is estimated that well over 300,000 women worldwide have PIP breast implants, though mostly in Europe and South America. PIP implants were never approved for use in the United States or Canada. If you were the unfortunate recipient of PIP breast implants be sure to seek out a qualified breast revision specialists.

Signs that your breast implant has gone wrong:

  • Breast Lumpiness
  • Swelling around breast
  • Breast shape changes
  • Breast deflation
  • Breast tenderness
  • Redness around breast
  • Breast pain and sensitivity
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