Breast Augmentation

Enhance your silhouette with breast augmentation, offering a variety of implant options for your desired look.

Breast Augmentation

For individuals considering breast augmentation, this procedure has gained widespread acceptance as a safe and effective option for enhancing breast size and appearance. Breast augmentation utilizes either inflatable saline or silicone implants, offering minimal risks in the hands of skilled professionals. It's an ideal solution for patients with underdeveloped, asymmetric, or sagging breasts, providing a noticeable enhancement by positioning implants either behind the breast tissue or chest wall muscles.

Moreover, the incisions are discreetly placed around the areola, in the inframammary fold, or even in the armpit, ensuring minimal scarring. Recovery following the procedure typically spans from four to ten days. If you are contemplating breast augmentation, our team is here to guide you through this transformative journey.

Complications, including infection, bleeding, and breast hardening, are infrequent occurrences in breast augmentation procedures. For select patients, pre-surgical mammograms may be recommended to ensure the absence of underlying breast diseases. The size and placement of breast implants are tailored to individual preferences, existing breast tissue, and the patient's physical dimensions, ensuring a customized approach to meet each patient's unique needs.

In 2006, the FDA granted approval for Silicone Implants in primary elective breast augmentations. For over 15 years, Dr. Park's Office actively participated in an FDA Adjunct Study, meticulously assessing the safety of these advanced implants. In the initial phases, silicone implants were reserved for specific patient groups, such as those in need of reconstructive surgery or with particular anatomical considerations. With the extensive safety research that has since taken place, Dr. Park now performs a broader range of these procedures.

A common query from women contemplating breast augmentation surgery revolves around selecting the ideal implant size prior to the operation. During the consultation process, Dr. Park expertly guides patients in determining the most appropriate breast implant type, size, and profile, tailored to their unique body shape and preferences.