Strattice Internal Support Bra

Enhance the longevity of your breast implants with the Strattice internal support bra, providing natural reinforcement.

The Strattice Internal Support Bra is a remarkable innovation in the field of breast surgery, offering numerous benefits to patients seeking breast augmentation, revision, or reconstructive procedures. This biocompatible material acts as an internal bra, providing long-term support to the breasts. Strattice offers several advantages, including improved implant stability, reduced risk of implant migration, and enhanced soft tissue support. This procedure typically involves the surgeon skillfully positioning the Strattice material to reinforce the breast pocket and secure the implants, promoting a more natural, long-lasting outcome. It's an excellent option for patients who wish to maintain the aesthetic results of their breast surgery for years to come. If you're considering Strattice Internal Support Bra as part of your breast procedure, consult with Dr. Park at Face and Body Cosmetic Surgery to explore the potential benefits and determine if it aligns with your cosmetic goals.

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